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Global Best Double- Tape Extensions      Upon consultation

Double-Tape Extensions are made from 100% quality human hair. They are easier to maintain, faster to be applied and longer-lasting than any other hair extension. Double Tape Extensions can add volume, or length (or both)or accented highlights to your hair. With proper care, the extensions can last 3-6 months and the hair can  also be reused for subsequent re-touches in your hair.

Global Best Double-Tape Extensions

Rusk AntiCurlRusk Anti-Curl      $206.00+ 

A technologically advance curl remover, frizz controller and anti-humectant with Kerashine ™ Conditioning. Anti-Curl & Kerashine ™ builds strength, improves condition and creates shine. Three convenient formulas make it the appropriate choice for each client.  Results last between 8-12 weeks.




Rusk Deepshine Smooth Keratin Smoothing SystemRusk Deepshine Smooth Keratin Smoothing System     $283.00+

A formaldehyde and thio free smoothing solution formulated to safely smooth texture, reduce curl and eliminate frizz while considerably cutting down dry-time. Leaves hair shiny, manageable and in superior condition. Results lasting up to 14 weeks on average, and do have a ‘cumulative’ affect with subsequent applications.





Rusk DeepShine Smooth Keratin Treatment

Rusk DeepShine Smooth Keratin Treatment

Rusk DeepShine Smooth Keratin Treatment

Rusk Thermal Shiny Str8Rusk Thermal Shiny Str8™       Upon consultation

Thermal Shiny Str8™ is a formaldehyde-free system that permanently straightens excessively curly and wavy hair. It infuses the hair with shine, eliminates frizz and deeply conditions and strengthens with Keratin. 

This service takes approximately 4-6 hours to perform, with re-growth needing to be done within  9-12 months depending on hair growth.





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Prices are subject to change upon consultation, taxes not included.

* Thick or longer hair may be subject to an extra fee